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Dr. Deepa Singh

Dr. Deepa Singh, is a World Record Holder in Clinical Cosmetology, Medical Aesthetics and LASERS. She is also known as the “LASER Queen” in the Medical aesthetic community.
Dr Deepa has revolutionized the field of medical LASER aesthetics and permanent makeup (PMU) with her unmatched expertise and innovative techniques. With an impressive array of awards and recognitions from esteemed figures like King Charles representative of UK, the Governor of Maharashtra, Health Minister of Rajasthan, and various celebrities, NGOs and media houses, Dr. Deepa has truly solidified her position as a leader in her field.

Having trained and qualified from prestigious institutions in Sweden, London, and Israel, Dr. Deepa has gained a global perspective on the latest trends and advancements in Clinical Cosmetology, Medical aesthetics and LASERS.

  • World Record Holder in Clinical Cosmetology, Medical Aesthetics and LASERS
  • LASER QUEEN Award by Governor of Maharashtra
  • Excellence Award by Health Minister of Rajasthan
  • Awarded by State Health Minister for Excellence in Clinical Cosmetology and Medical Lasers
  • Best Medical LASER Specialist and Clinical Cosmetologist Award by Sonu Sood
  • Awarded in Israel by World’s number one International Company in LASERS, ALMA
  • “Women Excellence Award” by CBC News, Udaipur
  • Medical Aesthetics & Clinical Cosmetology Award by Bollywood Actress Neelam
  • Arwaded by super star govinda for Excellence in medical laser
  • Rajasthan Excellence Award by ”My FM” in ”Clinical Cosmetology And Fitness” by actress Puja Gor
  • Rajasthan Icon Award for ‘Excellence in Clinical Cosmetology & Aesthetics’ by Radio City
  • Awarded with IIM Certificate as ‘Emerging Leader’ in Digital Transformation
  • Award by National Medical Commission, NHLMMC, Ahmedabad for research work in Advance Course in Medical Education
  • World Record Holder in Clinical Cosmetology, Medical Aesthetics and LASERS
  • Titled as “LASER QUEEN” by Governor of Maharashtra
  • Director, Arth Skin and Fitness
  • Director and Executive Board Member- IBCD
  • Academic Head- IAMCL
  • Board Certified Clinical Cosmetologist and Medical Laser Specialist
  • Certified Clinical Nutritionist
  • Quality Consultant- Arth Diagnostics
  • Ex-Professor &Head, Department of Biochemistry (AIIMS, Udaipur)
  • Ph.D ( Med) Biochemistry
  • Board Certified in Clinical Cosmetology and Medical LASERS from U.K. and Israel
  • Certified in PMU from Sweden and U.K.
  • Certificate in Clinical Nutrition from U.K.
  • Certified in Leadership Management by IIM Udaipur
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Why Choose Dr. Deepa Singh For Aesthetic Treatments

Experience in Diverse Treatments

Dr. Deepa Singh has a great deal of experience and provides a wide range of aesthetic and cosmetic treatments to address different skin issues. She is qualified to handle a variety of patient needs, whether they are related to specific dermatological conditions, skin rejuvenation, or anti-aging treatments.

Natural-Looking Results

Dr. Singh places more emphasis on enhancing rather than making drastic changes in order to achieve results that look natural. Her method of performing cosmetic procedures seeks to bring out the patient's inherent beauty while preserving a balanced and harmonious look.

Comprehensive Consultations

Dr. Deepa Singh gives patients in-depth consultations, taking the time to explain their options, anticipated results, and any possible risks. Patients are empowered to make knowledgeable decisions about their cosmetic and aesthetic treatments thanks to this open and honest approach.

Positive Patient Reviews and Testimonials

Numerous gratifying patient evaluations and testimonials are part of Dr. Deepa Singh's resume. These endorsements frequently focus on her proficiency, professionalism, and the outstanding outcomes patients have had while receiving her care.

Proficiency and Credentials

With a strong educational background and specialized training in dermatology and aesthetic procedures, Dr. Deepa Singh has extensive experience in cosmetic and aesthetic treatments.

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At Dr. Deepa Singh’s Clinic, You Can Access a Wide Range of Skin and Beauty Treatments Designed to Help You Look and Feel Your Best

  • Specialization

    Dermatology and Aesthetics
    Medical LASER Specialist (Israel & U.K.)

  • Experience

    More than 12 years of experience in the dermatology and aesthetics field.

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Awarded as Laser Queen by Governor of Maharashtra

Dr. Deepa Singh received training from an Israeli medical laser company and also holds qualifications in Medical Laser and Clinical Cosmetology from London, UK. Additionally, she has a Swedish Fellowship in Clinical Cosmetology. At Arth Skin, she has successfully treated over five thousand clients in just one year using laser technology. Her treatments include the removal of acne scars, pigmentation on the face and body, anti-aging solutions, skin rejuvenation, and unwanted hair removal, among others.

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Patient Testimonials

I had the best experience with Dr. Deepa Singh at Arthskinfit for my Hydrafacial treatment. My skin feels so smooth and refreshed!

Neha K.

The Carbon Laser Facial at Arthskinfit was amazing! Dr. Deepa Singh is a true skin specialist.

Ravi S.

I highly recommend the Fractional MnRF (Facial) treatment at Arthskinfit. Dr. Deepa Singh's expertise is unmatched.

Priya R.

Chemical Peels at Arthskinfit have done wonders for my skin. Thanks to Dr. Deepa Singh for her exceptional care.

Rohit G.

Nano Needling (Facial) treatment at Arthskinfit was a game changer for my skin. I am grateful to Dr. Deepa Singh for her skillful approach.

Ritu T.

LASER-Toning treatment at Arthskinfit was just what I needed. Dr. Deepa Singh knows her stuff!.

Ankit M.

I am so happy with my LASER - Hair Removal treatment at Arthskinfit. Dr. Deepa Singh is the best!

Shreya B.

Dr. Deepa Singh at Arthskinfit was able to remove my birthmark with ease. I highly recommend her services.

Nisha P.

I cannot thank Dr. Deepa Singh enough for removing my stretch marks and burn scars. Arthskinfit is the place to go for all your skin concerns.

Rahul K.

Dr. Deepa Singh's treatment of my acne has completely transformed my skin. Arthskinfit is the best skin clinic in town.

Meera J.

My acne scars have vanished thanks to Dr. Deepa Singh's exceptional care at Arthskinfit. Highly recommend!

Vikram S.

I cannot believe how much my hyperpigmentation has improved thanks to Dr. Deepa Singh's treatment at Arthskinfit.

Shruti N.

Periorbital Hyperpigmentation was a major concern for me, but Dr. Deepa Singh at Arthskinfit was able to treat it successfully

Alok K.

Melasma is no longer an issue for me thanks to Dr. Deepa Singh's expert care at Arthskinfit. Highly recommend!

Anjali S.

Xanthelasma treatment at Arthskinfit was painless and effective thanks to Dr. Deepa Singh's expert care.

Sameer M.

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Dr. Deepa Singh